Episode 27

Genesis 41

Published on: 22nd April, 2024

What do Pharaoh's dreams mean? How did the cupbearer finally remember Joseph's plight? Why are Pharaoh's magicians and astrologers unable to interpret the dreams? Why is it good that God waited until now to allow Joseph to exit prison? What good qualities did Joseph possess to become the leader of the effort to prepare for the coming famine? How was Joseph blessed through all of this?

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Come listen as Christian Ashley, a seminary student and servant of God, goes through the entire Bible verse-by-verse, starting with Luke and Romans and then heading back to Genesis to speak on the whole story of God's glory and revelations as intended for His original audience and the modern listener.

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Christian Ashley is a seminary student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary focusing on Christian Ministry and has been a follower of Christ since six years old. He majored in Creative Writing and minored in English at UNC-Wilmington. He has written four novels under the name M. C. Ashley and works as a founding member of the Starving Writers Guild, which helps writers find ways to publish their own material their way.